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Running Experience

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"The sweat-proof earbuds are one of the most comfortable in-ear pairs of headphones that I’ve ever used.”

"I found Vi's chattiness amusing, like when she warned me I was pushing too hard."

"Say hello to Vi, the artificially intelligent personal trainer that sounds like Scarlett Johansson.”

"My Vi headphones offer tips for making the most of my workout, and they provide me with extra motivation when I feel myself slacking off."

“Frankly, the folks at Fitbit should be freaking out. I think I just saw the future of exercise."

"This new activity tracker is like a Fitbit, Amazon Echo, and a pair of Beats rolled into one product.”


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Context Awareness

“Vi learns my goals, my needs, and my abilities. She does just enough to encourage me to reach a little bit further."

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Matthew Eyre

Early Kickstarter Backer

“Vi for me was like, 'Oh wow, I can finally have a trainer all the time."

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Doron Wesly

Marathon Runner, Husband, Father

“I always had an issue with pacing. Now, I am within 10 seconds of each mile."

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Rachel Birtch

Cancer Survivor, Seasoned Runner

“Vi's there to break down your mental barriers. Vi will help keep you going, even when you want to stop at 4 miles, she will push you to get to 5."

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Ilana Kitaigorodsky

Fitness Influencer

“During a 15-mile run, no one’s around, no one will know if I quit on myself; except Vi will know."

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Christina Verduchi

Running Coach

“Sound quality is better than anything I've ever used."

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Michael Salomon

Businessman, Fitness Enthusiast

A Human Voice

Vi talks to you while you workout, training you with her warm human voice. You’ll forget that she’s an AI and immediately think of her as a true workout companion! She speaks beautifully and responds to your voice commands.

Results for All

Whether you're trying to run your first 5k or striving to shave a minute off your best time, Vi adapts to your fitness level and personalizes a workout for you. Set your goal and Vi makes sure you get there.

The Everyday Hearable

From breakfast to bedtime, enjoy beautiful-sounding music, phone calls, and all-day activity tracking. So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing her!


Vi’s harman/kardon powered audio is crisp, clear, and deep — a true professional-level listening experience. We went for the best audio in order to bring Vi’s voice and immersive-sound experience to its full potential.


Vi’s aerospace-grade biosensors means you’re getting more accurate measurements than many wearables out in the market today!

  • Heartrate
  • Elevation
  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Location

Future Ready

We intentionally overloaded Vi's hardware to support years of software upgrades to increase her capabilities and expand workout activities.

  • Vi Cloud
  • Vi Fitness
  • Vi Device


Vi comes with an iOS & Android app to use while training or off-training. During a workout, the app provides you with progress feedback in quick, glance-friendly screens. Outside of workouts, use the app to set your training plans, review progress, and customize Vi.

Touch Aware

& Rugged

Magnetic Tips

Flexible Design



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