Meet Vi, The First
AI Personal Trainer


She knows: how fast to run how far to go how high to climb how hard to push

Posted by Lifebeam on Thursday, September 22, 2016

The AI personal trainer who lives in biosensing earphones

Put Vi on and start a relationship with a friend for your fitness. Each day, Vi tracks you, gets smarter, and coaches you to real results. Vi will help you meet your weight goals and improve your training. Experience Vi and discover a workout that’s more fun, motivating, and effective.

What do I get with Vi?


With Vi, you’ll always know: how fast to run, how far to go, how high to climb, how hard to push.
She'll tell you real-time insights to keep you on track with your goals.

with beautiful sound by

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Wearable all day

We designed VI as a neckband because it allows you to comfortably enjoy the full benefits of Vi all day long: Beautiful-sounding music, phone calls, all day activity tracking unification – to name a few. Vi gives you so much more than current fitness wearables and headphones.

  • Feature

    Track Physical Activity

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    Answer Calls

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    Listen to music

Take VI Anywhere


Vi comes with a set of in-ear fins and ear gel sizes that stabilize and hold your earbuds in place, even during vigorous workout activity.

Magnetic Tips

VI’s magnetic tips simply clasp to the end of the collar.

Hanging Pendant

Vi hangs neatly on your neck as a stylish accessory.

VI Companion App

Vi comes with an iOS & Android app for use both during and off training. During a workout, the app provides you with progress feedback in quick, glance-friendly screens. Outside of workouts, use the app to set your training plans, review progress, and customize Vi.

  • Android
  • iOS
Mobile App


We intentionally overloaded Vi's hardware with extra battery and sensing power to support years of software upgrades.



Automatically receive regular upgrades that increase capabilities and expand workout activities.

Vi AI Personal Trainer

Special Price $249.00